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The presentations made at the hSNS Workshop 2021 can be found below:


Pereira, M. A., Marques, R. C., Figueira, J. R., Sunshine regulation of the Portuguese public hospitals using multi-criteria decision analysis: A proposal

Dinis, D. C., Pereira, M. A., Ferreira, D. C., Figueira, J. R., A network Data Envelopment Analysis to estimate nations’ efficiency on the fight against SARS-CoV-2

Ferreira, D. C., Grazielle, I., Marques, R. C., Gonçalves, J., Investment in sanitation and drinking water infrastructure and its impact on waterborne diseases dissemination: The Brazilian case

Vieira, I. C., Ferreira, D. C., Pedro, M. I., Satisfaction of healthcare consumers: Analysis and comparison of different methodologies

Henriques, C., Gouveia, M. C., Cruz, R. A., Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the efficiency of state-owned hospitals

Dammak, I., Boujelben, M. A., Renaud, J., A multicriteria analysis for non-pharmacological therapies of Alzheimer disease

Rocha, A., Costa, A. S., Figueira, J. R., Ferreira, D. C., Marques, R. C., Quality assessment of the Portuguese public hospitals using a multiple criteria decision aiding approach

Lourenço, M., Cardoso-Grilo, T., Figueira, J. R., Planning the delivery of Home Social Care Services: A Multi-Objective Mathematical Programming-Based Approach

Pereira, M. A., Camanho, A. S., Marques, R. C., Figueira, J. R., A range directional composite indicator with preference incorporation: Two perspectives on the Portuguese public hospitals

Capeletti, N., Amado, C., Santos, S., Measuring efficiency and effectiveness changes in Brazilian primary care services

Figueira, J. R., Greco, S., Evaluation of healthcare systems with non-compensatory composite indicator: applying ELECTRE-Score method to Healthcare Access and Quality assessment